Switch Plows

Model 6300 On Land

 Allen Farm Equipment specializes in switch plows available as either In Furrow or On Land for bi-directional plowing.  We offer a wide range of plows for all soiltypes and crop volume.

The In Furrow models feature our exclusive Auto Leveling Bushing System, which insures level moldboard plowing positions across a wide range of working depths from 6" to 14".

The design of the moldboards will roll the ground over a complete 180 degrees, burying the surface trash while breaking the hardpan and aerating the compacted bottom soil.  These plows perform best at various widths from 54" to 144".  Extended length moldboard shanks are available for trashy or rocky conditions.

Different models offer configurations of 3-8 bottoms.  Plows such as the 8200 require as little as 75 horsepower, while the larger 6300 requires a minimum of 180 horsepower. The average horsepower required is 25-30 hp per bottom; however, this may vary depending on your soil conditions and plowing depth.

On Land Specific Options
72" - 144" plowing widths
108" or 144" Mainframe widths
6" X 6 1/2" or 7" X 7" X 1/2" Mainframe construction tubing